The BigGame


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You just finished your big hunt with success in taking down that monster you've been hunting for years!  It's time to celebrate the both the hunt and the life of the monster you've just conquered!  Your Cigar Experience Enhanced™ began with the hunt and is completed with the BigGame Ashtray!

This ashtray is named for both the massive cigar rests on two of the four sides and it's made out of a solid chunk of Leopardwood from South America! It weighs in at a rough 2lbs and is ~2" tall and ~6" square.  This is a beautiful wood that has a wonderful wood grain pattern resembling the spots on a Leopard.   The BigGame has four cigar rests, two for that absolutely massive cigar after the successful hunt, and two standard size for the hunting guides that helped! There's only one of these, don't let this hunt end without getting the game!