58 Ring Coffee

Our coffee was hand selected for unique flavors that don't need a cigar, pastry, bagel or those wonderful Biscotti cookies to complement or enhance it. They do compliment our coffee very well though!

The 58 Monday Mornings helps fix the Monday part with a breakfast blend that is definitively "breakfast, yum!"  Our Connecticut Shade is a dark roasted blend of six beans from all over the world, great for those who make their own expresso and dark roast lovers but, it comes without the "burnt" flavor. If you're the type of person that finds yourself trying to pick out the nuances in a dry cab sav or can tell when it's '98 Criollo seeds, then 58 Enhanced if your ticket, it's also our best selling coffee that is great after dinner, in the morning, at lunch and it's on the desk of the person that is currently writing this description. 

Additionally - good things come to those who wait.  Our coffee is no exception, it's not going to be there tomorrow. All our coffee orders are only roasted after the order is received to ensure the ultimate in freshness.  Our goal is always your satisfaction, if you're on the fence - my recommendation is the 58 Enhanced! 

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58 Enhanced Coffee