Welcome from the President's Desk!

58 Ring Inc. was unintentionally created in the late winter of 2016 with some extra hardwood and a bit of imagination.  That leftover hardwood was from a massive humidor project! The remaining hardwood was glued together to make a large square-ish block that was then butterflied and hollowed out to make a pair of ashtrays. The first of which was a gift to a childhood best friend and regular cigar smoking buddy   Fast forward a few years and, for lack of a better term, a desire to do something on my own – 58 Ring Inc. was born. (Well, I guess technically it was filed and incorporated with the State of PA.)  

58 Ring is built on the fact that enjoying a cigar isn’t just about the cigar or the tobacco in that cigar, but it’s about the whole experience.  Both myself and that best friend didn’t want to use the ashtrays because they were “too nice” to put ash in.  Until the day we decided to use mine, and while, yes, it’s only an ashtray, it added something to the experience of enjoying a cigar with a great friend.  Did it make the cigar taste better or magically have some special power?  Sadly, no.  It did, however, add a conversation point and I can say with confidence an additional level of enjoyment to the cigar experience. Since that day, and every time that I have the chance to use it with new and old friends, it adds another element to the experience.  Using a great cigar cutter that leaves a perfectly clean shoulder or a torch that just feels good in your hand all add to the experience, the experience of enjoying a proper cigar. Whether you’re enjoying that stick alone, with a friend you’ve known for decades or a stranger, it should be an event that gives a reprieve from the grind that is daily life.  58 Ring is dedicated to providing the ashtray the not only collects ash, but holds the memories of time well spent doing something that you love. 

If you’re curious, and it’s likely you are, since you’ve made it this far, the name of the company is based on my personal preference towards a larger ring gauge smoke, and 58 Ring was picked because “60 Ring” doesn’t have the appearance that my mind’s eye found catchy and 56 Ring, well we can go bigger than that, right?      

On Quality:

All the wood products on our site are handmade, unique and made with a sincere passion for perfection.  Using quality exotic and domestic hardwoods, great results can be created with beautiful burls or wood grains. The mixing and matching of different wood species can provide great contrasts. Take a few seconds to provide us with your email address (don’t worry, it’ll be few and far between when you hear from 58 Ring), and when you do, it’ll likely be us releasing some creative, unique ashtray with a limited release.  We’re currently working up the prototypes and hope to have something that will break the cigar internet with a unique interpretation of an ashtray.

Ultimately our goal is “Your Cigar Experience Enhanced” by adding another element to the enjoyment of cigars.  Our products can easily provide that gift for that person in your life that is impossible to shop for.  Whether it’s a Birthday, Christmas, Chanukah, another holiday, a gift to yourself after a momentous life accomplishment or just because, we want it to be an ashtray you to look forward to using the next time you stop to enjoy a great smoke!

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I truly hope our products provide that Enhancement! 

Matt Lewis
58 Ring Inc.